Four seasons

Winter - Wassail

A Green King presiding over Coton's Wassail while his Queen and local revellers performed a new Wassail poem, specially written for the occasion. With music, dancing and mulled cider, the apple trees were given the traditional toast and blessing before pots and pans were banged to scare away the forces of darkness. And so begins the community events in the orchard starting with the Queen's Green Canopy planting.

Spring - Blossom Day

As Winter yields to Spring it is Blossoms' Time a fleeting sight that we were delighted to be able to share, as the community joined us to enjoy a glass of cold cider at our Blossoms & Bubbles day.

Summer - Nature Festival - BioBlitz

Summer and the orchard is really buzzing, we'll be hosting a Biobliz Weekend 1st & 2nd July with bird walks, moth counts and much more as part of Cambridge Nature Festival organised by Cambridge Past Present and Future.

Autumn - Workshops

As the days shortens the fruit ripen, ready for harvest time. Apple Day East of England Apples & Orchards Projects' experts help visitors distingush between the 26 varieties of apples grown at Coton Orchard. The charity also host Workshops on-site where you can learn about conservation, how to prune and graft apple trees, ready for the cycle to begin again.